Tony Lara

tony laraBorn in Spain, grew up in London and then moved to Italy in 2002. Fell in love with the Italian style of dancing Bachata and is now the most successful and sought after Bachata teacher in the World.

Tony played a leading role in the popularity of Bachata dancing throughout the World. He has taught 100,000+ dancers either through workshops or from his popular 5 DVD series. His techniques and ideas of how to make Bachata dancing easy, fun & sexy are the reason why so many people love to learn from him.

Since 2003 he has been travelling the world teaching or promoted Bachata dancing. infact he has influenced more than 60 countries, over 500 cities and has previously mentioned over 100,000+ dancers & teachers cities his style of Bachata dancing.

Tony’ classes are fun and slick. Packed with sensual and stylish moves and partnerwork. He is known for his fun and seductive nature!!

He is also a very successful DJ and Team Performance Choreographer.

He is also involve in raising £10,000.00 to help the Children in the Dominican Republic.