Gabryel Berlanga

Gabryel BerlangaBorn in Seville, Spain. He has always been interested in music and dance, which led him to learn dances like Sevillanas, flamenco, Ballroom, etc. He then was introduced to the Bachata dance, and fell in love with it, immediately he began to develop his style and technique.

He then decided to travel to Santo Domingo, in search of the roots of Bachata and learned the different styles. Today, his style is very sharp and very sensual and fused with a bit of the other styles (Dominican and Traditional), but with some very unique interpretations. The passion he feels for the Bachata makes him a great influence in Club Pro Bachata, with over 500 members. His goal is to organize festivals and workshops of Bachata.

You can find him teaching at his school Factoria de Baile (Dos Hermanas) and also he teaches Bachata workshops in and around Spain. Gradually he is becoming a recognized teacher in the world of bachata and becoming a national reference of this discipline.

Gabryel and Bego were proclaimed champions of Spain Bachata 2008, event that has released its popularity among the events and festivals of dance.

Gabryél Berlanga : +34 669 484 686