Carlos Cinta

Carlos CintaCarlos Cinta was born in San Francisco. He was raised in Chicago and lived there for 26 years. Although Carlos’ first experiences of Bachata were not particularly pleasing, it was only after attending a club in Chicago and seeing Bachata danced with sensuality, passion and sexy moves that he truly fell in love with it.

Inspired by an extremely talented Bachatera, Carlos began to learn Bachata in order to dance with her. Through his observations while social dancing, he noticed that the level and skill of Bachata on the dance floor were limited to the basic step. Owing much to his boredom and creative collaboration with a friend, Carlos decided to make up all kinds of crazy moves and patterns.

With a teaching experience of four years, Carlos started in the humble surroundings of his grandparents’ basement helping out a couple friends (who loved the moves he was creating) to teaching his turn patterns with a friend in a little family style Mexican restaurant.

Carlos has since moved to San Diego two years ago and can still be found teaching in a dance studios, club classes as well as workshops.

Because of his carefree, light-hearted and fun attitude towards dancing, people are ultimately drawn to his Bachata style and his teaching methods. Carlos is grateful for the doors it has opened for him and also for the many chances he has had to meet and get to know new faces and friends from all walks of life.

Carlos has recently released a DVD series with the 3rd volumes. The Bachata Trilogy