Ataca and La Alemana

Without a doubt, Jorge Burgos and Tanja Kensinger AKA Ataca & La Alemana are the most popular Bachata instructors and performers in the world. Since their debut in 2008 with their famous choreography “Te Extrano” by XTREME, their fame skyrocketed thanks to YouTube viral and sharing capabilities.

Ataca and La Alemana have pushed the instruction of Bachata in places where Bachata didn’t existed. They don’t claim to dance neither Dominican or Moderna Bachata, they call their Bachata – Touch Bachata, which is a blend of the various Bachata styles, plus their own flavour.

Jorge “ATACA Jorgie” Burgos is from Puerto Rican decent and naturally, dance has been a huge part in his life. He began his professional dance career in 2006. Tanja Kensinger was originally born in Germany and immigrated to the United States by the way of the military in 1996. Tanja was introduced to the world of Latin dancing in 2005, and has pursued her career within the Latin sector ever since.

Together, Ataca and La Alemana have traveled the world performing at various Bachata and Salsa festivals including: Poland, France, Italy, Belgium, Bermuda, England, Russia, Australia, Argentina, and more as well as all over the United States. They even have performed for Bachata artists such as Toby Love and Xtreme. Jorge is not only known for his unbelievable dancing ability, style, and charismatic smile, but also for his incredible teaching ability. His classes are always filled with not only great instruction that is easy to follow, but with high energy and lots of laughter. Some are great dancers, and others great instructors – Jorge is both.

Both of them are owners of the Island Touch Dance Academy based in Tampa, FL USA