Traditional Bachata Style (standard)

Even though this is not the Domincan Style Bachata, the Traditional Style is the most common way of dancing Bachata. This style of Bachata is very sensual and sexy, with lots of body connection and hip movements.

As Bachata rhythm is a 4/4 music, the steps go 4 steps to the left and 4 steps to the right. On the 4th step, there is a hip movement or tap, main characteristic of this style. One-two-three-and-hip.

When Bachata started to become popular in the night clubs in Europe and USA, people started dancing this style as Bachata music was slow in timing and very romantic, hence the close body movement and hip connection.

There are not complicated or intricate turn patterns in this style, and neither footwork or shines are added to the steps.

Traditional Style Bachata