Dance Styles

Even though the origins of Bachata are from the Domican Republic, starting from the 60’s, the bachata dance has evolved to become what it is right now. We can say that there are 3 major styles:

  • Dominican bachata (the original style) or others call it “original” bachata, as it the way it is danced in Dominican Republic. This style is more jumpy with lots of footwork and free style moves. Not many turn patterns.
  • Traditional Style Bachata: the most common style of bachata danced all over the world. The main characteristic of this style is the use of a small hip movement on the 4th count of the beat (1,2,3 and hip) and the close connection with your partner (a very romantic style of dance). Turn patterns and dips are included in this style.
  • Modern Style or Bachata Moderna: a new style that is evolving incorporating fundamentals from other styles as well (zouk, bolero, tango and more). Bachata Moderna is based on the concept of the crosses, where on each count you lead to a cross (cross on1, cross on2, cross on3, cross over), but on the 4th count you keep the hip movement of the Traditional Style Bachata. Bachata Moderna includes different variations as “Bachatango” and “Urban Bachata”