About this website

I created this website as way for me to document all my work that I’ve done and doing for Bachata (and Latin Dancing). To read more about me, check my personal page in this site.

I have been dancing Bachata singe 2002 and teaching it since 2004. I have seen the evolution of Bachata not only in Australia, but worldwide as well. For me, it has been wonderful to see how this dance has evolved, incorporated styles and fundamentals from other dance styles and become a worldwide phenomenon.

I am visionary of Bachata. Whilst there is a movement in the community that Bachata should be danced only the way that Dominicans danced, I’m from the school that I like to evolve and grow (after all, the saying is: “if you stop growing and evolving, you start dying”). I have made my job to push for the evolution of Bachata, and keep it growing. I always maintain the essence and the feeling of the dance, but I have incorporated and I will incorporate new technique and styles.

Please browse this website, watch the videos, read the different articles written about Bachata. This is a nice library of information – lots of articles have been written by Bachata dancers all over the world.

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