On a previous article I wrote about the “benefits of dancing”, which are many, but didn’t talk about why somebody should start dancing! Instead of telling you many reasons why, I will focus on motivation and what motivates people on taking new activities.

Whilst some people find enjoyment being a couch potato :), playing online games, trying their luck with lottery or bingo (FoxyBingo.com), or doing other activities that don’t require much physical activities; on the other hand, other people enjoy outdoor activities, going to the gym and pushing their bodies and mind to learn new things.

The beauty of dancing is that you will not only learn how to dance, you will improve your body coordination, increase your hearing skills (as you will have to properly listen to music) and above all, you will be part of a friendly community of people (there will be always be a dancing community) So, if you are a person that is motivated by physical, intellectual and/or collective activities, you will find a great satisfaction in learning how to dance!

Have you asked your self, what motivates you to take on new activities? Whatever it is, I assure you that dancing will be a great fit for what you are looking for!