Every year, Bachateros.com interviews the winners of the Australian Bachata Championships, which happened this past October 2012. This year, I have the pleasure to talk to Moro and Romina, the winning couple of this year’s Championships. This is their first time they have won the championship as a couple, but it also the 3rd time Moro has won the championships.

JUAN: First of all, congratulations guys on a well deserved victory. Since you guys are a new partnership in the Bachata world, tell us, when did you start dancing together?

MORO: we actually got together around March this year (2012), just before the Sydney Bachata Festival. We performed at the Festival with a routine that we were not fully happy with it, as we didn’t have enough time to prepare it.

ROMINA: Yes, we were not really happy with it, as we did the choreography in 2 weeks. It was our first time working together doing Bachata, and we still had good feedback from that choreography, so we continued training and working on our Bachata.

JUAN: You guys are indeed great dance partners! I know Romina you live in Melbourne, and Moro, you live in Sydney. How did you manage to train and work for the Championships?

MORO: Romina is crazy (laughs!) She is the one who flew from Melbourne to Sydney many times! Mama mia! I couldn’t have done that. I once told her that she needs to buy her own plane because of so many trips! But honestly, she did very good coming to Sydney very often. 🙂

ROMINA: This year has been a bit crazy as I had to travel pretty much almost every weekend to Sydney for work, and also Moro teaches every single day, so we had to find 1, 2 or 3 hours during the weekend to train.

JUAN: that’s even more inspirational that you guys managed to train together living in difference cities! Now tell me, where did you guys get the ideas, the inspiration for the winning routine?

MORO: Well, with Romina we decided to create something that we can feel and relate to it, so much of the moves came from us. Also, we wanted to make sure that our style represents the Domincan style, so we watched some videos to make sure we were going in the right direction.

ROMINA: we also like to watch a lot of people around the world, sometimes we see things that we like, but obviously we try to make sure our style and our flavor is there. But mainly, I give a lot of credit to Moro, because he has created his own style pretty much and I feel very lucky that I can work and choreograph with him because he has an incredible imagination and I fully trust him with his ideas, sometimes crazy ideas! J

JUAN: what can the public expect from Moro and Romina now? What are your next projects or challenges?

MORO: we definitely want to compete internationally, so we will be looking on travelling overseas representing Australia in different championships.

JUAN: that is great! Best of luck, I’m sure you guys will do very well! Final question, if people want to learn Bachata or any Latin dance style, where can they find you?

ROMINA: I teach in Melbourne in different venues.

MORO: My dance school is Buena Vista Dance in Sydney. We teach a variety of dance styles, from Cuban Salsa, Rumba, Rueda and of course, Dominican Bachata. (Feel free to add more information….)

JUAN: thank guys for your time and look forward on seeing more of you guys in the future!

Winning Choreography

There is no video from the Bachata Championships, however, this is their winning routine when they performed at the Byron Latin Fiesta