I’m sure you use FACEBOOK daily to either post and share something in your live or to find out what is happening with your friends. But sometimes, you get bombarded by shameless promotion! By shameless promotion I mean promotion that doesn’t respect your private space or your personal groups.

The following was posted on my wall on the 10th of October (link to Juan Ruiz’s facebook status):


PROMOTERS: Some basic rules to promote the events on FB

  1. Tag only people that are part of the event on your flyer or promotional material (ie. djs, performers instructors, or other promoters that are part of the event)
  2. Post photos and promotional text on people’s wall that are either djs, performers, other promoters that are part of the event AND people that are really keen on coming to the event.
  3. Post the event only on Groups that are open and that focused on a general cause (ie. General Salsa groups, Bachata groups or Dancing groups).
  4. Don’t post your event on individual schools or private groups that are not part of your event
  5. When in doubt about posting your event on a person’s wall or group – ASK!
  6. When creating an event, try to invite people that live in the area or that are interested in coming. Don’t invite all your list of friends.
  7. Don’t post the same event across multiple groups at the SAME TIME, it floods our notifications which is not cool! (thanks to Manuel Vaca)
  8. Don’t comments on somebody’s status or pic promoting your event (thanks to Luxe)
I know I will get some slack for this post, as I’m a promoter myself. But for all of my promotions I follow the above rules.Do you have any other rules that should be added? let me know
The above status generated 45 Likes and 41 Comments in 1 day! With majority of the people agreeing on these basic rules.
Facebook will continue improving and updating the user interface, so I’m sure these rules will have to change eventually, but for now, it is something that ALL of us can follow and avoid shameless promotion