I have been teaching for quite some years now. I have taught people with no dance experience at all and also advanced and professional dancers. I have been fortunate to be part of the journeys of many different students, creating long lasting friendships along the way.

When they ask me what they can do to repay me for the time, energy, advice and dance knowledge given to them (besides the money reward); I always have the same answer….

The best reward for a dance instructor is to see his love, passion and knowledge of the dance being used and executed by the student.  Seeing the students mastering everything that the instructor has taught them, and then, seeing them teaching the same material to others, for me, it is the greatest reward of all!

Making a change (a positive change) and sharing one’s passion is first, money will then follow.


PS. I love the video below as it shows various students executing the dance moves to perfection! This is what I’m talking about! 🙂