I remember the days when there was only 1 class of Bachata at the Dance Schools, as their main priority was to teach Salsa. Then, schools had 2 Levels of Bachata, usually: Beginners and Open Level. Only few schools ventured to teach 3 Levels of Bachata: Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced, and that was a major accomplishment for the school. I respected the Schools that had 3 levels of Bachata instruction (and believe me, there are not many).

NOW, I’m happy to announce that Bachateros will have 4 Levels of Bachata Instruction. That’s right, 4 LEVELS! Since Tropical Soul became our home, the Bachata classes have been growing in numbers every single term. We have around 100 Bachateros on our Tuesday nights, and because of the demand for knowledge and quality Bachata instruction, we decided it is time to open a 4th Level of instruction!

Keep in mind; these are 4 different levels of instruction, not 4 different terms. For example, usually salsa schools have 7 to 8 levels of instructions (and sometimes there are double levels). We have 4 levels of Bachata Instruction – you can see the image “Your Bachata Journey” for more explanation.


From day one that I started teaching Bachata, I always focused on developing a syllabus that taught fundamentals rather than combinations (This syllabus has been a project that started back in 2008). I have shared my syllabus with various instructors and schools worldwide in order to try to get a common understanding in the instruction of this beautiful style; syllabus that has been adopted by various schools. The syllabus is always under revision, but I have to say, that the syllabus has reached an outstanding level of maturity! (Contact me if you would like to use the Bachateros Syllabus)

I look forward on sharing my Bachata journey with you guys. Having 4 Levels of Bachata is a dream come true! Bachata is no longer the second dance; it is now hand-in-hand with the big dances styles out there!


The Bachateros classes are on Tuesday nights.
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See ya guys soon!