As you probably know, Juan Luis Guerra, one of the biggest Bachatero in the world will be Australia for the first time. This is an event not to be missed, as Juan Luis Guerra in considered a legend in the Latin industry. I had the chance to talk to Miguel Illidge, director of Bravo Events, who are in charge of organizing such a magnificent event.

JUAN: Miguel, when did you tell yourself that you will bring Juan Luis Guerra to Australia? How did you plan such a big project? and when did you start?

MIGUEL: Hi Juan, we began to work in this project on August 2011, while we where looking for the best Latin artists to tour around Australia.  We had the chance to contact some of the most representative artists such as Mark Anthony, Ruben Blades, Carlos Vives, Shakira and of course Juan Luis Guerra and we decided to bring them to Australia, starting with Juan Luis, who, after a very big research, was pointed as the most representative artist for the different generations and communities within South and Central America.  After deciding all this we decided to tour with Juan Luis and we went with him and his crew to some concerts in Central and South America, we were delighted with the quality and professionalism of his show, so we signed the contract and decided to bring him over.

JUAN: How did Juan Luis Guerra react when you contacted him to come to Australia?

MIGUEL: Juan Luis was delighted with the idea, he wants to bring his music here and he wants to make everyone dance to his music in Australia.

JUAN: How do you think the Australian Latin community has reacted to Juan Luis Guerra concert? Are there a lot of expectations?

MIGUEL: Not many Australians know Juan Luis Guerra but they know his music, they love many of his songs, such as Bachata in Fukuoka, Bachata Rosa, Medicine for My Soul and La Bilirrubina.

The Australian community that loves Bachata, Merengue and Salsa love his music; just now they are realizing that they dance his music quite a lot and that he is coming to Australia. The people that know about him expect a lot of the show and we know that they will be delighted with the concert, they will be able to see the best Latin Show of the moment, full of energy,  music and passion.

The show is going to be presented in Melbourne the 20th of April 2012 in the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre and in Sydney on the 24th of April at the Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre, you can find the tickets in (Melbourne) and in (Sydney). Tickets range from $ 99.99 to $ 199.99.

JUAN: Juan Luis Guerra is coming with his entire band, Los 4:40. What can we expect from his concert? Is Juan Luis Guerra going to sing the old and classics, plus the new songs?

MIGUEL: All the 4.40 band is coming to the tour, for the first time Australia will have the chance of having a Latin event of this magnitude, you can expect the best Latin Show ever presented in Australia, you are going to have a huge bachata, salsa and merengue blast.  You will have the chance to listen to his classics, such as La Bilirrubina, El Niagara en Bicicleta, Bachata Rosa, Como Yo as well as new songs such as Bachata en Fukuoka, Las Avispas and La Travesía.

JUAN: Bringing Juan Luis Guerra to Australia is a big milestone to the Latin community here in Australian. What are your plans after Juan Luis Guerra concert? Do you have another big surprise for us? 🙂

MIGUEL: We have big surprises for Latins and Latin Lovers, this is the first milestone for us. You will here more about this during the concert, it´s huge, if you want to know more about our future concerts feel free to visit our website:

Thank you Miguel for taking this time to talk to us. I know all Bachateros and Latin dancers are looking forward for Juan Luis Guerra concert. Can’t wait to be part history! Here’s the press release for the Juan Luis Guerra concert.