I started my professional Bachata career 4 years ago. Even though I was teaching Bachata before, it is not until 2008 that I decided to push it as far as I can. Now, 2011 is coming to an end, and as every year, I like to look back and remember the year’s accomplishments, wonderful memories, be grateful for what has been achieved and plan for the next year, 2012!

The best reward for 2011 is that I have met so many Bachateros all over the world! In every country that I taught Bachata – New Caledonia, Holland, France, Singapore, USA – I was welcomed by wonderful Bachateros that were eager to learn, dance and enjoy themselves! In my homeland, Australia, I was a judge for the NSW, ACT, VIC and National Bachata Championships (4 competitions). I also had the opportunity to be part of the first Bachata dedicated events in Perth, Coffs Harbour and Tasmania, and kicking-off the Bachata revolution there!

Tropical SoulAlso, for this year, Bachateros finally had a home: TROPICAL SOUL Dance Studio! In April 2011, together with my partner Josie, we opened our dream, our own dance studio! At Tropical Soul, Bachateros has grown even stronger and faster. We have 2 teams full of dedicated Bachateros! I love the Bachateros teams!

The Bachateros website continues to grow and generate more traffic, we’ve had visits from all over the world! We have 51 Bachata songs on the Download section for free, and close to 400 Bachata posts and 300+ comments! The website accomplished all that even though we were under the Australian domain name (Bachateros.com.au). Imagine what will happen if we go with the International domain name (Bachateros.com)?!

The Bachateros brand also grew online. We doubled up on the number of Bachata Moderna fans on Facebook (close to 2000 fans) and on our twitter account (600+ followers), and we finally passed the 1000 subscribers on our Youtube Bachata channel!

So, the question I ask myself every year is: What’s next for 2012?

  • The famous Sydney International Bachata Festival will continue to lead the way (have you checked out the website? It’s going to be an awesome event!)
  • Bachata Moderna DVDs Volume 4 and 5. Yes, thanks to popular demand, they are coming soon!
  • New choreographies for the Bachateros team that will be showcased at the Tropical Gala Parties, the SIBF and the Byron Latin Fiesta.
  • More travels to teach and promote Bachata all over Australia and the world.

I feel privileged and grateful that God has put me in this wonderful path. The lovely dance of Bachata has definitely changed and improved my life, and I hope I’ve been able to do the same for all my students.  2011 has been a wonderful year! So I raise my glass…. Here’s to a great year with Bachateros!

– Juan Ruiz