YouTube was a key contributor to the popularization of Bachata back in mid 2000s. Whilst there were artist teaching Bachata in early 2000’s, it is not until the mid 2000’s that Bachata started to become a worldwide phenomenon.

YouTube has helped many instructors reach new audiences, far beyond to where the artists could imagine (including myself for this case).

The list below is not necessary by the number of views or popularity, but instead, they have been organized by the impact they had in the dance community. (Please note that all videos in this list have been posted around 2006 – 2008)

TOP 7 BACHATA VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE – And why they are important

7. Bachata By Susana Montero – Very sexy

Video uploaded in Oct 2006. This video showed a different way of dancing Bachata, as the dancers Inaki Fernandez and Susana Montero were using crosses and other steps, creating a different dynamic on the dance (creating the fundamentals of the Bachata Moderna style). This video also introduced us to the new genre of Bachata music, Spanish Pop music turned into Bachata (ie. Lamento Boliviano – Bachata version). It was a very popular video back in 2006, but when the Dominincan style started to become popular, this video lost its popularity.

6. Milton Rodas – Sensual Bachata

Video uploaded on Jan 2006. Honestly, this video is not a great example of Bachata, as it doesn’t show the true flavour of Bachata, however, it was important because it demonstrated that Bachata was becoming a legitimate dance recognized by international dance organization, especially the Ballroom organizations.

5. Bachata Dance

Video uploaded on Jan 2006. One of the first Bachata videos out there. This video showed the traditional style Bachata, with emphasis on close connection, hip rotations and lots of hips movements. Believe or not, that is how most of the people started dancing Bachata back in the 2000s!

I don’t know who are the dancers on this video, or where the video is from. If some of you guys know, please let me know. Finally I know, the dancer in this video is Diego Sanchez, from Grupo America, a company based in Vancouver, Canada.

4. Carlos Cinta – Bachata

This video was posted in Jan 2007. A very popular Bachata video even to this date because it showed that traditional Bachata could incorporate intricate combinations besides the close connection and body movement that everybody was used to.

3. Sensual Bachata

Video uploaded on Aug 2006… This was one of the first Bachata performance videos out there – performed by Cristian Sola and Jackie Rozzo.  This video carried the true flavour of the Bachata traditional style, with emphasis on close connections and romantic moves with your partner.

2. Bachata Dominican Style – Troy & Jorjet

Video uploaded on Nov 2006. Troy and Jorjet became worldwide Dominican Style Bachata ambassadors when they started posting their Bachata videos online (we all remember the Barbershop Bachata video series). This video in particular helped push the popularity of the Dominican style, and most importantly it was one of the first Dominican Bachata video on YouTube

1. Ataca & La Alemana – Te Extrano routine

The most important video of them all, uploaded on May 2008. This Bachata video helped popularize Bachata worldwide, creating a devoted following of Bachateros around the world.  Audience has labelled this video as “the true form of dancing Bachata”.

And as with any other list, please feel free to comment and share other videos that you think should have been listed here. I’m always open to feedback 🙂 But if you add a video, you have to tell us why it was important to the community