I remember, not so long ago, when Annetje (the director of Salsa Supply) invited me to come to Holland, as she wanted to show Holland something different in Bachata. Now, after spending two and a half weeks, teaching and performing Bachata in Holland (and France), I look back at the experience and I’m grateful for everything that dance has given me.

What I like about the dancing tours is that I get to really immerse myself with the culture of the country I’m visiting. Most of the time, with Congresses and Festival, I find myself spending all my time inside the hotel and venue, and I get to see little or none of the city where the festival is at. This time, I can definitely say that I got to experience Holland, it’s people and its culture (I have a lot of stories!).

During the tour, I taught at 11 different locations (schools, parties and events) all over Holland, and I had one stop over in Paris (France). I can’t remember the overall number of hours I was teaching Bachata, but I know they were many, and I wish I could remember everybody that I met and I danced with. But all I know, it is that Holland loves Bachata!

Just like other countries that I have visited, I can see that Holland is starting to experiment and to push Bachata, not just as a simple social dance, but as a performance and stage dance with the different styles. I loved to see the eagerness of the dutch people to learn more Bachata Moderna!

I know that Bachata will continue growing in Holland thanks to the Bachata passionistas there.

The Bachata Moderna tour was a success, and I’m thankful for everybody involved that helped to make this happen:

Also, many thanks to the following people

  • Will: for your stories, the nice conversations and your friendship
  • Peter: for driving me all over Holland and being my PA during the tour
  • Sofia: for taking up the challenge of learning a brand new Bachata choreo in 5 hours and performing it with me

And a very special thanks to Annetje Riel from Salsa Supply for allowing me to show Holland the beauty of Bachata Moderna

‘Till next year!