The Sydney International Bachata Festival 2011 happened again, for the 4th time on the 22nd to the 24th of April. As one of the leading Bachata Festival in the world, we couldn’t have expected anything less other than excellence, and this year, the Sydney Bachata Festival definitely delivered an event to remember!

The draw card of this year’s event was the live performance of the famous Bachata duo XTREME. It was their first visit to Australia, so everybody (the dancing and the Latin community) was looking forward to it. In addition, the Bachata Festival had renown international Bachata instructors such as Ataca and La Alemana, Frank Santos, Julie Camous, Carlos Cinta to name a few, and the best Australia and New Zealand talent (Juan and Pascale, Nestor and Katrina, Johan and Kari, Carlos and Elli, Nirico and Emily, Moro and Gaby and more!)

Even though the Festival it is a 3 day and 3 night event, in reality it was a full week of celebration with 2 official pre-parties, and one official after party. Not to mentions that Australians “officially” declared April as their Bachata month J. Everybody was amazed to see that all nights were packed with people, full of energy and great vibe.

The international community at this year’s festival increased from previous year having delegates from Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, France, USA and Israel to name few of the countries in attendance, making of this a truly international event! Australia and New Zealand was well represented with delegates from all their states.

The quality of Bachata displayed at the Festival was one of a kind; no wonder Australia’s Bachata is very well respected all over the world.  Many pioneers of the new Bachata movement have come from Australia, so go the aussies! We have definitely embraced the Traditional, Dominincan and Moderna style, and now we also have Bachatango (thanks to Mitch and Elicia) and Australians are always trying to push the boundaries of Bachata.

Here is a short list of some great memories at the Sydney Bachata Festival 2011:

  • Ataca and La Alemana performing their famous Te Extrano routine alongside XTREME signing the song live! (check out the video!)
  • Jorge “Ataca” getting slammed during the lunch break whilst competing to win dancing shoes (We know Jorge, it wasn’t your fault J )
  • Carlos Cinta (USA), El Moro (Cuba / Australia) and Fabrice (France) displaying their footwork talent on the dance floor
  • The team video competitions that made all the audience laugh! (check the different videos)
  • The reaggeton dance off on Saturday night
  • The Sunday after party ‘till early hours in the morning!

As one of the organizers of the festival, I couldn’t be any happier with the outcome. Now I wonder, what is your best memory of the Sydney Bachata Festival?

Photos courtesy of Adam Rogers Photography