Bachatango, a relatively new style comprising a fusion of 2 dance styles- bachata and tango, is taking off worldwide, and recently Australia too has started to enjoy the sensual, passionate but strong characteristics that this dance has to offer.

But what exactly is ‘Bachatango’.  In a nut shell, Bachatango is a style of dance that fuses the four-step Dominican bachata with Argentine tango moves, including elaborated kicks, dips, turns and long pauses. This dance is predominantly performed in a very close position or in the tango closed body frame.  It has fewer elaborated foot styling than Bachata due to its focus being more on sensuality. The dance is characterised by sensual body movements with a strong focus on overextended Cuban hip motions.

Bachatango started its popularity and evolved as a branch of Bachata in Europe.  With the popularisation of bachata music, dancers worldwide tapped into the romantic side of bachata finding new ways of expressing their passion. In 2002, as bachata began to be played on radio worldwide, dancers began to elaborate and extend their already sound knowledge and love for Bachata. With the quick progression of this style, it is now being danced to both bachata and tango music and it is seen in bachata competitions worldwide.

Bachatango seems to be the new Latin style taking off in Australia, with more and more people craving to learn the sensual and passionate style nationwide.

Its growing popularity was displayed in the Australian Bachata Championships for 2010, in which Mitch and Ellicia from Modus Vivendi In New South Wales showcased the first ever Bachatango couple routine.

Mitch and Ellicia are the pioneer couple of this style here in Australia.  They both look forward to sharing this incredibly addictive style with every dancer possible.  Their next showcase is at the Sydney International Bachata Festival in April, in which they will teach, perform and have also choreographed a team Bachatango routine.

Come and join them for their workshop and see just what the hype is all about, you might become a Bachatango convert too!

Written by Ellicia MacDonald. Ellicia is a popular dancer Bachata (Bachatango), Salsa and Latin dancer in Sydney, Australia. Ellicia is also part of the world renown Modus Vivendi Team