Joan Soariano, also known as the “Duke of Bachata” (“El Duque de la Bachata”) is a bachatero that slowly is moving up on the rankings worldwide. Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, Joan Soriano has been playing Bachata since his early youth, as his music was his way to endure and overcome his humble beginnings.

Joan’s latest album “El Duque de la Bachata” was released in Sept, 2010. His bachata style brings back the bitterness feeling often forgotten by the new Urban Latin Bachata groups. Listening to Joan’s music is like listening to the bachata played at the tavernas (taverns) and pubs of Santo Domingo decades ago.

In songs like “Vocales de Amor” and “Su lado de cama”, the listener can enjoy the pure sounds and exquisite melody created by the guitar and the stumpy sounds of the bongo drum.  In songs like “Cal y arena” and “Mal pensado”, Joan shows that his musical flare and guitarist versatility go beyond the Bachata rhythm as he incorporates the Merengue beat with the tambora (rhythm also known as Bachatarengue or Bachata Merengue).

It is recently that Joan Soariano is becoming an international Bachata artist thanks to the documentary “El Duque de la Bachata” – “The Duke of Bachata”, produced by Adam Taub in 2008, and the support of Bachata and Latino Festivals in the USA, Joan’s music is starting to being played all over the world. (“The duke of Bachata” album is his first album released internationally).

Australia will definitely enjoy the music of Joan Soriano. For those that wish to travel to the Dominican Republic, listening to “El Duque de la Bachata” will shorten the distances between these far away countries!


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