I still remember the first time we introduced the concept of the crosses (the foundations of Bachata Moderna) in Australia, back in 2008. It was challenging as most of the Bachata dancers where used to dance the traditional style which is mostly left to right steps.

I was one of those dancers before! But I changed when I saw Inaki Fernandez dance Bachata as he was doing some steps I haven’t done before: the crosses. Inaki Fernandez was the inspiration for the creation of the Bachata Moderna style! (More onย  the origins of Bachata Moderna in “more than just Bachata“). From the concept of the crosses Bachata Moderna grew to have more fundamentals such as the about turn, quick step back, exit on1, twist hip, zouk step, and many more (Bachata Moderna Fundamentals).

Now, I am honoured to say that Inaki Fernandez will be in Australia! Inaki and his partner, Vanessa Talbot, will be touring Australia during the month of December.

Adelaide: 24th โ€“ 28th of November
Melbourne: 6th of December
Sydney: 11th of December

This is an opportunity not to be missed! I highly recommend that you attend his workshops and see for yourself his talent and his interpretation of the Bachata dance. If I got inspired by watching him dance, I bet you will be inspired as well!

For the Sydney people, In addition to Inaki’s workshops, there will be a Bachatango workshop by Australia’s pioneers in this style: Mitch and Ellicia. I, and I bet you did as well, saw their performance at the Australia Bachata Championships 2010 and it was mind-blowing. Now they are on a journey to introduce Bachatango to Australia!

A true bachatero must attend these workshops as for sure you will learn something new!

For more information about the workshops in Sydney and to reserve your spot click here.