After 4+ weeks of traveling, dancing, teaching and performing Bachata, Josie and I are finally  at back home (Sydney). It has been a great to experience to show our love for Bachata and Bachata Moderna all over the world!

  • Hong Kong: Thank you Will for your hospitality and for showing me around
  • Paris, France: Joel and Emily, you guys are a great team and thanks for putting a Bachata Moderna party in less than no time
  • Singapore: Gary, it is always a pleasure to work with you. Your new studio is looking awesome! See ya in Sydney!
  • Taiwan: WOW! Nancy, Mimi and the whole team made our experience in Taiwan something that we will cherish for ever! Thank you soooo much!

I know I’m a bit of a geek, so I’m making short videos of each of our stops, so we can share our memories  with you! Have a look and have a laugh 🙂 (videos are on our facebook group)

Hong Kong

Paris and France

Singapore – coming soon

Taiwan – coming soon

We hope that in each city we were, we were able to increase your love for Bachata! I’m sure we did! 🙂 Keep dancing, and keep spreading the love for Bachata

– Juan “El Bachatero”