This past Wednesday, Sydney witnessed the finals of the first Sydney’s Best Social Dancing Competition – ZOUK SERIES!

3 couples participated in Heat 1, and 5 couples in Heat 2. From each heat, the top 2 couples were selected for the ZOUK Series final! A total of 4 couples were ready to show off their Zouk skills!

Since it is a social dancing competition, where no choreography or expensive costume is required, everybody was ready to have a good time! As soon as the night started, you could sense the good energy amongst the audience and the competitors. The venue Coolabar was full of dancers and supporters!

As the competition started, the judges (Liz Racitti, Fabio Loretti, Allan Dantas and Monica Gomez – all expert Zoukeros) were introduced, and the couples were called to the dance floor. Bad struck of luck, one of the competitors got very sick a few hours before the competition, and even though she tried to recover before her turn came, she had to forfeit. We had 3 couples in the finals: Duncan & Yvonne, Adam & Hera and Amit & Jane

Jane Gamarnik, Amit Arora and Juan Ruiz

The audience was ready, the video cameras were out, and the music started playing. It was amazing to watch these couples display their non-choreographed Zouk skills. The turn patterns, the dips, the connection with their partner and their musicality made it so enjoyable to watch them dance.

At the end of the night, Amit Arora and Jane Gamarick were crowned Sydney’s BEST Zouk Social Dancers! Congratulations Amit and Jane!

A huge congratulations as well to Adam & Hera and Duncan & Yvonne for wowing the audience with their smooth dancing.

Zouk series is now over. Next… BACHATA! Personally, I can’t wait for the Bachata series of Sydney’s Best Social Dance competition. I know there are many Bachateros out there, and they are ready to show-off their skills on the dance floor!

Amit and Jane – Winners of ZOUK