The Sydney’s Best Social Dancer series has raised a lot of buzz and excitement in the latin dancing community. We started with Zouk, then Bachata and now Salsa! The Salsa series is one series you don’t want to miss out!

As per the other series, we have 2 heats, one on Wednesday 28th of July, and the next one on Wednesday 4th of August. The grand finals are on the 11th of August!

One song, one dance! That’s the comp! This is what the judges will be looking for

  • Musicality 30%
  • Timing 20%
  • Partner connection 20%
  • Enjoyment 10%
  • Technique 10%
  • Presentation 10%

This is an OPEN competition, meaning that amateurs and professionals can join because we are looking for the best SOCIAL dancers. The most important thing is to show SABOR!

If you are interested in participating, do let us know in advanced as we are expecting lots of couples entering the competition. (Hint: we have 2 heats, don’t leave it to the last one!)

Sherylanne 0402 993244 – Juan 0421 448 780

Sydney has its best Zouk couple, we just crowned our best Bachata couple, and now… Sydney it is looking for the Best Social Dancer in SALSA!

ATTENTION ALL: let us know which song you will like us to play on the competition. Write on the comments the artist and the name of the song. We will make our best to accommodate everybody’s selection

See ya on the dance floor!