This past Wednesday, 21st of June, Sydney crowned its BEST BACHATA SOCIAL DANCERS!

The Bachata Series (part of the Sydney’s Best Social Dancer competition), similar to the Zouk series, was full of energy, surprises and above all, good times! Coolabar –the venue, was packed on the night, from professional to amateur dancers! Everybody was ready to witness what the Sydney Bachateros can do.

Heat 1 and Heat 2 of the Bachata Series brought together a total of 10 couples! Our judges Sky Blue, Lidia McMahon, Fernando Providel, Alexis Meza and El Moro had a tough job selecting the winners of each heat, as each couple displayed amazing Bachata skills. At the end, there were 4 couples competing for the title.

Nestor and Katrina, together with Juan

Nestor and Katrina, together with Juan

The night started, all 4 couples were called to the dance floor and they had a short warm up in front of an energetic audience. Then, each couple randomly selected the order of their appearance. And it so it began! We were graced by beautiful Dominican style and Traditional style Bachata, lots of body movement, sexy and cheeky combinations plus awesome dips!

Even though it was a very close competition, one couple stood out from the rest. Famous couple Nestor Manuelian and Katrina Quintal was crowned Sydney’s BEST SOCIAL BACHATA Dancers. Congratulations Nestor and Katrina, well deserved!

Huge congratulations to Felino & Marianne and Santino & Denisse, both couples placed 2nd, and congratulations to Amit and Rebecca as well.

Zouk Series is over, Bachata Series is over, but the Social dance competition is not closed to be over yet. Starting next Wednesday (28th of June), Sydney is in the lookout for its BEST SALSERO! If you think the Zouk and Bachata series were hot… the SALSA series will be… spectacular!!