Freddie Munoz is not a new face in the Bachata scene. Born in Puerto Rico, and raised in the Bronx, New York, Freddie has been singing Bachata since 2003, as well as other Latin rhythms such as Salsa and Merengue.

Freddie Munoz’s Bachata is the perfect combination of traditional Bachata and Pop music. In his music, one can feel the classical romantic sounds of the guitar mixed with the seductive tempo of the percussion (particularly the bongos). His most popular song, “Inocente” is a true sample of this perfect combination. Freddie has also re-edited famous songs and converted them into beautiful Bachata melodies; the Bachata versions of “How deep is your love” (original version by the Bee Gees) and “La Copa Rota” (original version by Julio Jaramillo) are worth listening and dancing to.

His track “Amiga” (name of his album as well), the first single of his album, caused a major impact in the Bachata scene since its release in 2009. Freddie’s Bachatas are currently being played on major radio stations in New York, Miami and the Dominican Republic. Freddie has performed all over the United States, Central America and South America and has shared the stage with other great artists such as La India, Hector Acosta, Cabas and more.

One can only wonder, how long will it take for Freddie’s Bachata to become popular here in Australia… not long, for sure!