There has been a lot of buzz in regards to Bachata Barrio. Dominican and Moderna Style Bachata under one roof! I’m telling you, you don’t want to miss out this event!

1. Are the bachata workshops open for everybody?
Yes, they are, they will be OPEN level. In the morning we have 2 workshops, and in the afternoon we have the performance bootcamp

2. Can I take only the performance bootcamp?
Yes you can. But why pay $50 for the performance training only. We do recommend to experience the whole day (workshops + performance training + party entry) for only $70. Make the most of the day!
3. Do I have to perform at the Bachata Barrio party when I take the performance training?
No, it’s up to you. But I promise you, you will want to perform it for sure!

4. I have never performed before, can I join the performance training?
Then, this is the best opportunity for you to experience what it feels to perform (without having to enrol in a 10+ weeks course). See what it feels to train and work together as a team. Experience the adrenaline of performing in front of a crowd!
Make sure you tell your friends and family to come and support you

5. Do I need a partner to join the performance workshop?
No, we will make sure that we have equal numbers. But if you have a partner in mind, please let us know.

6. What’s the difference between Dominican and Moderna Style Bachata?
Dominican Style Bachata consists of footwork and syncopated steps. It is very cheeky. Dominican is best suited for traditional Bachata music.
Moderna Style Bachata is based on close connection and the turn patterns are more complex. Moderna is best suited for the new urban latin bachata.

7. Will the party consist only of Bachata music?
No, Bachata will be played for about 50% of the time. We will make sure that we play Salsa, Zouk, Cha Cha and other Latin Rhythms. Everyone is welcome!

For more info contact Juan on 0421 448 780 or Santino on 0420 697 571
Buy your tickets at the Buena Vista Dance or Bachateros classes
OR book online here

Saturday, 31st of July.
Paddo RSL, 123 Oxford St, Paddington