Left to Right: Leslie Contreras, Juan Ruiz, Josie Cote, Eymar and Tessa, Zeke Ruvalcaba, Camile Yanantuono, Jo Figueroa. Sitting: Ataca and La Alemana

Not so long ago, there was an article published about the most influential Bachateros on the BachataBabe blog. It listed the top 5 Bachateros according to the author’s opinion. It caused a lot of controversy in the Bachata community, as many people around the world commented about who was their favorite Bachateros, and why some of them were not on the list.

It would be very difficult to determine a list of the most influential Bachateros in the world, and it’s probably a list that shouldn’t be created at all. Such a list would cause disagreements within the Bachata community, as instructors/promoters would want to be recognized and have their name mentioned (it is human nature to look for recognition). However, it would be good to make the world aware of ALL the Bachateros that are working for the growth of Bachata, either as an instructor, promoter, performer, etc. There are so many Bachateros in the world that we haven’t heard about, and I’m sure they are contributing greatly in their own community.

So, I want to open this article for you to comment on your favorite Bachateros. There is no right or wrong comment. The purpose of this article is to create awareness of the Bachateros working hard for Bachata! Put their name, their website (if they have one) and even a youtube video as it will be good to show their work to the world.

Looking forward to discover new Bachateros from all over the world!

PS. Let’s try to keep this discussion positive and respect each other’s opinion J