Bachata Chronicles: is a Documentary about a Dominican dance that survives the oppression of the worst Dominican dictator in 1930s. This form of Dance was banned from and condemned by Trujillo making the Music and Dance illegal and punishment for those that were found playing or dancing Bachata was jail. It will take almost 30 years and the death of a Dictator for Bachata to come back again. Today Bachata is a worldwide phenomenon and thanks to a group of individuals that kept their heritage in the Ghetto of Ciudad Trujillo.

In particular, the film will unravel the inner workings of leadership by looking at Rodney Aquino’s crusade to bring Bachata Dance to an international recognition with his creation of the San Francisco Bachata Congress, Reno Bachata Congress, Puerto Vallarta Fiesta and more. This documentary follows the creators of this Dominican dance, Singers and those that ushered Bachata to another era.

Bachata Chronicles will inspire you and take you to the beautiful island of Dominican Republic where this dance was born, allowing you to explore the people that lived through this odyssey in the 50s.

It will be an uplifting and entertaining dance biography that will appeal to younger and older audiences alike. It is our intention that the film will resonate beyond the borders of Canada as the focus on the global success that Bachata dance is creating.

Chapter 1: The Dictator and the Dance
Chapter2: The Return of the forbidden dance
Chapter 3: New Era New Talents
Chapter 4: Creating the Bachata Congress
Chapter 5: Love and Dance