When I came to Australia (that was 6 years ago!), the Australia Salsa Scene was at the beginning of its international growth, as not many of our dancers were known overseas yet.

I used to hear about this place called “BJ’s” in Bondi Junction, which was the prime spot for Salseros at the time.  One of the first Salsa competitions in Australia was organized there – “The Best of the Best” –  where big names like Jaime Jesus, Nestor Manuelian, Yvonne G Laycy, Patricia Falciola, Carlos Galiano, Daniel Paredes, to name a few (yes, I’m talking about years ago!), have competed. I didn’t get to watch the competition, but I know it was an important one in the history of Australian Salsa.

Due to bad management and promotion, BJ’s popularity died down, and other venues raised to be the prime spot for salseros such as: Watershed, Equilibrium, V-Bar, etc…

Now, I’m proud to say that we are going back to our roots! Copacabana Bar and Grill (formerly known as BJ’s) has new management and they have remodelled the place. When I walked into the venue, I knew that this was going to be the next big thing in the Sydney Salsa Scene (again). The wooden dance floor is huge, the sound system is perfect, and the second room is also very spacious (for our Zouk lovers).

Therefore, I’m personally inviting you to join us on the grand new opening of “RUMBA CAFE” at Copacabana Bar and Grill. The will be one SALSA/Bachata room and one dedicated ZOUK room.

We have the support of lots of schools and dancers already, with top performances by:

  • DUNCAN & YVONNE with their brand new Zouk routine
  • JOSIE & DANIEL will show us their winning salsa performance
  • MICHAEL & KRISTIN new salsa routine that was performed at the Hawaii Salsa Congress
  • SALSA REPUBLIC SALSA TEAM with their funky Salsa choreo
  • LATINO FIRE BACHATA TEAM get ready for some hot Bachata
  • CLUB SALSA performance team

Our DJs for the night

SALSA / Bachata / Latin Rhythms

  • DJ SaRumba
  • DJ Mambo G
  • DJ AV El Cubano

ZOUK / Brazilian Rhythms

  • DJ Allan
  • DJ Amit

For more information go to our facebook event

or get your tickets online

Hope to see you there!

UPDATE – 16 March 2010
Thanks for your support, everybody! Here is a TV article about the opening of Rumba Cafe!