Bachata for Haiti Emergency Appeal

at Dance Alive Studios
107 Regent ST
Chippendale NSW 2008

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Friday 5th February

7pm til 9pm

Our good friend, Santino di Fede from Buena Vista dance is offering a 2 hour Bachata (Dominican Passion) workshop in return for a small donation to the Haiti Emergency Appeal (the Dominican Republics neighbor).

100% of proceeds will be going directly to the Australian Red Cross Emergency Appeal for Haiti.

You have all seen the news and images of the earthquake hit areas. The UN has described the Haiti earthquake as the worst humanitarian disaster the world has faced in decades with death toll confirmed at 150,000 and rising.

Over a million people urgently need our help with 80% living in extreme poverty even before this tragic event.

Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere and this disaster has truly devastated many communities.

The Australian Red Cross will be collecting your donations directly at the door and we are asking for a minimum donation of $20.

In the immediate aftermath of the disaster, local Red Cross staff and volunteers were on the scene and continue to assist the injured and support hospitals struggling to cope.

Drawing on resources around the world the Red Cross is carrying out a huge emergency response operation.

Pre-positioned relief goods were released immediately within Haiti and from other warehouses in the region. These consist of kitchen kits, shelter kits, personal hygiene kits, blankets and containers for storing drinking water.

As well as distributing vital supplies the Red Cross is providing medical aid and water for survivors.

So come along and enjoy 2 hours of Dominican Bachata Passion and give a little help to our friends in Haiti because every little helps after all.

Workshops taught by Santino Di Fede from Buena Vista dance academy