There are few singers-songwriters in the music industry, yet less in the Bachata music scene. But when one of these multitalented individuals decides to start their singing career, you can expect great results. This is the case of Evaristo Fama aka “El Paga Renta“.

Evaristo is a veteran in the Bachata scene, as he’s been singing from early 2000. His music has been recognized from the early 2000’s as some of his songs were added to various Bachata compilation albums distributed by Universal Studios (2004 – CD Enamorado, 2006 – CD Bachata Flow, and more).

Evaristo Fama was born in the Dominican Republic, thus we can say that he carries the Bachata in his blood. He migrated to Puerto Rico before moving to Rhode Island USA in the early 2000’s where he is currently based. These transitions and different cultures have influenced Evaristo’s Bachata style, but you can still find a strong Dominican and traditional influence in his music.

His latest work, “The New Swing of Bachata” brings the best of Evaristo’s experience in the Bachata music scene. “Un Dia Dificil“, “El Paga Renta” and “Dejame Entrar” are some of the best songs on the album. The songs range from romantic Bachata to the fast paced Bachata, with some hints of Mexican Cumbia and Merengue.

While Evaristo Fama’s music is starting to pick-up in the USA, we are yet to hear more of Evaristo’s music in Australia. His music is highly recommended from if you are looking for a Bachata that remains true to the Dominican feeling, but adds new tunes and beats from the Urban Bachata.

Album: “The New Swing of Bachata”

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