The bachata classes at Salsa Republic are going strong. We have good numbers and the vibe is great. Sydney is getting filled with lots of bachata dancers now.

Don’t miss this opportunity and join the Bachata fun!

New classes start at Salsa Republic, on tuesday, 8th of Sept.

Bachata Beginners B – 7:30pm. A continuation of the beginners class. This course will focus on body movement and close connection moves. Everything that need to get ready for the intermediate combinations.

Bachata Intermediate B – 8:30pm. Out second syllabus for the intermediate level. You will learn cheeky combination based on turn patterns and sexy body movement.

Booking essential

Salsa Republic Studios
42 Kensington St
off Broadway near Central Station

Enquiries 9212 6739 / 0402 993244

NOTE: Advanced Bachata Classes also known as Bachata Moderna Classes will start at Salsa Republic on the next month (Oct). Get ready to learn the crosses, the exits and more!