Want to know how to make your bachata hotter? If the answer is yes, then you must do this workshop. Bachata is all about the sensual body movement between you and your partner and lets face it, if you lack body movement then your bachata may feel a bit boring. We will teach you, in great detail, how to isolate parts of your body one at a time, how you can use these isolations in your bachata and yes, we will show you how to lead it. Trust us, once you add a touch of body movement to your bachata you will have people lining up for a dance.

This is one of the most popular bachata workhops. Join Juan Ruiz together with Samantha and learn the proper body movment for close connection bachata, plus some awesome dips.

This is the last workshop in Sydney, Australia before Juan takes off on his international tour teaching Bachata (USA and Asia), so don’t miss out!

Tuesday 7 July @ 7.30pm to 9.00pm only $30
Salsa Republic Studios
42 Kensington St
Chippendale near Central Sation
(just off Broadway opposite UTS)


One night only!

Wear anything comfortable, not too tight so you can move and turn easily.