The following is a collection of quotes from various students, instructors and other Bachateros. Bachata is not just the music or the dance; it is a culture in itself.

We asked our subscribers “What do you love about Bachata?” Here are some of the answers. Enjoy!

Diana S.
Bachata is a very sensual and sexy dance. What I love about Bachata is you can just let your body move freely and allow your body and soul drowns with the music and rhythm. With this dance you can show your passion and emotion and be transported to a whole new world…
For me this is what Bachata is all about…

Donella S.
Bachata……the music based around guitar is exciting, the dance has that distinctive & sensuous body movement, the dance floor is crowded with total strangers dancing together romantically, it’s fun, it’s sexy and brings lots of merriment. I’m excited and the adrenalin pumping, shall we dance?

Anthony M.
I’m addicted to Bachata. I love every second of it. I started learning salsa back in the day, but then I was introduced to Bachata and quickly I felt in love with the dance. The sexiness, the close connection… I just close my eyes and enjoy

Robert C.
I wish I would have learned how to dance Bachata earlier as this is such a romantic rhythm. Anyway, I enjoy every Bachata dance as I feel that I can interpret the music the way I want to and I don’t have to worry about showing off my spins or my intricate moves. Yes, I love Bachata!

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