To all bachata dancers, have you experienced any of these statements?

  • Bachata is very simple, I don’t need to take classes anymore (or start taking classes)
  • I know my Bachata step, therefore I don’t need to learn new things
  • Is there anything else to Bachata?

bachata classesIf so, then the Bachata Moderna style is for you! We are teaching Bachata Moderna classes at Latin Motion. In this class you will learn how to incorporate the fundamentals of the Bachata Moderna into your Bachata step. We will teach you body movement and turn combinations that you haven’t done before and that are totally leadable!

You will flow with so much easy on the dance floor!

This is the second Bachata Moderna course we run at Latin Motion, the first class was a success and now we have students dancing Bachata Moderna in the nightclubs. Now it’s your chance to learn.

For more information and to register to the class contact Latin Motion.

Bachata Moderna classes at Latin Motion, starting thursday, 12th of March, 2009

Phone: 9557 7751

Bachata Moderna demo at the 1st Reno International Bachata Convention