Dance is a spirit, it has no form, bias, or destination, all dance has is a journey. And it never stops. It transcends from one being to another, telling stories and introducing strangers into a community that does nothing less than be noticed. As it connects strangers, dancing will evolve as it is interpreted by everyone differently. The reason why people can accept dance as a culture is because the inspiration, honesty and awe of it is not part of a material world, but part of emotion.

I underestimated the power of dance for a long time, but when I was thrown into a foreign and fantastic circle of friends and mentors, I finally realized how much I overlooked. The power and passion within the different forms and styles of an ageless culture is something that is cherished by people of all religions, colours, and ages. I have been involved in the styles of Salsa, Hip-Hop and Krump and owe much of my thanks to my teachers Joseanne Cote, Nestor Manuelian, Lidia McMahon, and my idol Mr. Stayz. These seemingly normal people showed me the most important parts of dance, the parts that started me on the journey to understanding the heart of a world I wanted to accept. In the short time I have had with this community I found that I never needed to accept dance, all I needed was dance to accept me, and through the people, experiences, and opportunities that I have been blessed with, I see that dance accepts everyone willing to take the first step.

And so, the styles of dance may come and go at the beat of a rhythm, but the spirit of the dancers who have lived their lives to a song and a step will always be remembered throughout the everlasting world of dance.

Written by: Daniel James Milanovic. Email him. You can find Daniel at Latin Motion studios or hanging around various salsa venues in Sydney.