There has been lot of talk about that mysterious “Red dragon” among ladies lately. It just got me thinking that guys too must be having their own “Red Dragon”. I’ll call her something else. “Princess” I think would be more appropriate. There happens to be a story behind it. There was this lady who came to Sydney from nowhere. Guys just admired the way she moved on a dance floor. No one knew her name at the time. We used to call her “princess.”

So I posed a question to myself “Who would I consider as my “princess?” There is this picture that comes to my mind of myself dancing with her. There are lots of people around us and the DJ is playing nice Bachata song. She seems to be oblivious of what’s happening around her. I can tell she is surrendering herself into my arms and closing her eyes as if to say “hold me into your arms and lets both be slaves of this music”. For the next four minutes the music takes over. We are two souls dancing as one. I wish time just stopped there.

Some of you may be thinking that I am dreaming. You may be right or maybe not. I feel myself lucky that I have had a chance to dance Bachata with lots of lovely ladies during past few months. Once in a while I get a dance that is danced the “right” way. “Right” way may be close & sensuous or turn patterns with lots of smiling. It’s up to music what it wants us to do in that moment. It’s a dance that touches your senses. Makes you feel that everything else is futile in this world. That’s when I think I get that feeling that I had a dance with my “princess”.

Sometimes I’m not sure that all this is a reality or just part of my dream world. Whenever I’ve had a nice dream I don’t remember much, just a few bits here and there. It’s that same feeling that I have while going to work next morning. When I think of lovely dance that I had last nite with that beautiful lady all I have is few hazy memories. “I do remember asking her for a dance, swaying to music but what happened after that?” Maybe it is a dream. Maybe not. I’ve heard people saying, “I am living my dream”. I guess now I know what they mean by that. I am right aren’t I?

 Written by: Anonymous in response to the “Red Dragon” article