Toque D KedaToque De Keda is a Bachata group from Miami, USA debuting in 2005 with their album titled “Picando Adelante.” Their very own smash hit Bachata/Hip Pop conversion of the popular Spanish ballad ‘Lamento Boliviano’ originally by Los Enanitos Verdes (watch youtube video), was what rocketed Toque De Keda onto the Bachata world map.

The band is composed of four members: Elvis, Eddie, Jalen James and Ariel. Each of them has a background of extensive and substantial musical history as both, singers and/or composers.

Toque De Kedas Bachata composition is what many people consider to be the ‘New Bachata,’ a combination of catchy Hip Hop and Pop melodies that move fluently through the Bachata rhythm. Their catchy tunes not only attract fans from the Bachata community but also from other mainstream audiences. Because of their appealing beat, rhythm and diverse music style they can be played on any radio station or in any club. . Many who don’t know Bachata are simply hooked into their music.

Toque De Keda album coverFollowing from the debut of the famed “Lamento Boliviano”, Toque De Keda released other well-known songs like: Debo Pensar, Te Extraño (another inventive remake of Ricky Martin’s Spanish ballad – Te Extraño – watch youtube video) and Pobre Mendigo, all of which are included on the “Picando Adelante” album.

Toque De Kedas music has not yet reached wide spread airplay in Australia. Similar to Mojito Project‘s music, many Australian Latino DJs are not familiar with the band, or refuse to play their music as it is not considered to be ‘true’ Bachata due to their European heritage and influence which is of course, different from the Dominican Republic. But, their music has been used in many instructional Bachata DVDs, performed in many choreographies and played in many dance schools. People are being exposed to their music and it’s only a matter of time before Toque De Kedas popularity grows in the mainstream Australian community for sure!

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Listen to their songs:

Lamento Boliviano –

Debo Pensar –

Pobre Mendigo –

Quiero Hacerte El Amor –