mojito-project-te-quedas-o-te-vasUnlike common mainstream bands, Mojito Project is a group of 4 DJ’s originating from Italy. With each DJ comes a different collective background of varying genres of music including Dance, Electronica & Latin music. It is not hard to imagine the amount of musical knowledge & experience they bring together.

Their first single ‘Te Quedas Te Vas,’ released in mid 2006 with guest singer ‘Romy’ a.k.a Romano Splinter Rojas, was a smash hit in Italy & Europe. With a phenomenal response from Bachata fans, it was no wonder various Bachateros started using the song for choreographies & performances. It’s rising popularity owing much to the power of the songs musical conversion of Bachata guitar rifts, catchy pop culture melodies and a visible added electronic dimension. From then on, Mojito Project has now released other well received singles ‘Tu Calor’, ‘Amor Perdoname’ & ‘Vuelve.’

While similar to Toque De Keda, Mojito Project’s Bachata music is a fusion of original Bachata characteristics of a high pitch guitar melody introduced to Dance/Pop tunes & beats with electronic compositions in the strong yet short musical breaks.

In Australia, the Latin community is yet to be exposed to Mojito Project. Not many of the local Latin DJ’s are aware of this band or its music due to their Italian heritage as opposed to original Latin America and also because Mojito Project’s style of Bachata music breaks the standard expectations of a Bachata song. free domain . Although, their songs have been played in many Latin Dance schools and other venues besides just dance clubs and have had a great response so far.

It is a matter of time for Mojito Projects music to become popular in Australia.

Their music is highly recommended by the Bachateros staff.