Bachateros before performance

It all started October 07 when my life changed. A very good friend of mine (Joanna) got me involved in dancing at Latin Motion Dance Academy. I started Level 1 Salsa where I met Cleday around December 07 before the Latin Motion Christmas concert. We got on well. When I started Level 2 Salsa I also started Beginners Bachata. I said to myself ‘I can do this’. That was until I got to the first class, and by the time I had finished, I felt most of my body was given a workout.

As I moved on in the course I met more people in the Bachata class e.g. Bruno, Rui, Nick, Cleday & Maryann. We all got on great and before we knew it we all joined the choreo for the first ‘Sydney Bachata Festival’. I was proud to be involved – what a buzz! We were matched up with our group as well as others from dance academies across Sydney. My partner was Mazza (Maryann) and we got on well from day one, and bonded as dance partners. Our fabulous instructors were Katrina Quintal (CAT WOMAN) and Juan Ruiz (MR BACHATERO).

Bachateros Performance - Sydney Bachata FestivalGetting involved in the choreo is an experience that I will never forget. The rehearsals were tiring and stressful at times, but always fun. Mazza and I respected each other during the rehearsals and that’s why we bonded and performed so well. Everyone in the Bachata group got on so well. When we go out, I’ve noticed that Bachata is getting more popular everywhere we go. When dancing different moves, people come up and ask ‘Where did you learn that type of dance?’ That to me feels great, we are out there spreading the word on Bachata and more people are getting involved. I live and breathe Bachata. My family is happy that I have been involved in Latin dancing, especially my two beautiful boys. When they saw me at ‘the performance’ they couldn’t believe their Dad could move like that. Getting a 15 year old and a 12 year old involved in this type of dancing…. Forget it, I tried many times.

I’m honoured to be involved in Latin Motion Dance Academy and also meeting new friends and we all respect each other, especially Nestor, who started my class 12 months ago as well as Juan and Katrina for putting the choreo together. Having Mazza as a dance partner is an experience and to be associated with her and others in the Bachata Team is beyond words. Who knows where this will lead us?

People ask ‘How do you dance so well?’ I tell them to get involved in Bachata with Mr Bachatero – Juan Ruiz…

bachateros-after-performance with Juan

Written by Vasili